Why buy cycling shorts?

Cycling bottoms are designed with one thing in mind; making bike riding more comfortable, including Indoor Cycling. What makes them so comfortable? Seat pads are made with padding of variable thickness and density for specific areas that need cushioning, such as your sit bones. They are shaped to fit with most saddles and be anatomically correct, providing comfort without any unwanted bulk. They also wick away perspiration and inhibit growth of bacteria, ensuring good hygiene for both your immediate and long-term comfort.

How should they fit?

The fit on a pair of bicycle bottoms is designed to be figure hugging, allowing the fabric to support you and to wick away sweat. They are aerodynamic and, combined with the stretchy fabrics used, eliminates areas where material can bunch up and cause chafing or discomfort. Everything is held in place, including the seat pad, and at the same time complete freedom of movement is allowed. You can buy cycling bottoms as a short, a 3/4 or a tight – the only difference will be your comfort given the temperature. Some people also prefer tights because they gives some muscular compression support – compression-type clothes are popular these days for all fitness pursuits. Of course you can also use these bottoms on a real bike and cycle outdoors as well!

If you’re shopping for longer compression tights, joggers or sweat pants look at our recommendations HERE.

Road Cycling Shorts

Mountain Bike Baggy Shorts

Cycling Underwear?

Yes you can get cycling shorts that are called liners or underwear. These bottoms have the same anatomical seat pad, but the rest of the short is typically thinner and smaller. The idea here is you can wear the liner under regular shorts if you don’t want a figure-hugging look. Also, if you have a pair of shorts that you love, but they don’t have a seat pad, just wear a liner underneath and you can convert them into cycling shorts!


Fitness Shorts (Without the liner)

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