Guide To Women’s Athletic Leggings and Shorts


Indoor cycling and other workouts are much more enjoyable when you wear the right clothing. Because Cycling classes are held indoors on stationary bicycles in a gym environment with no wind except for the fans, we don’t have to worry about aerodynamics. Tops, or jerseys, can be like a cycling jersey but they can also just be a comfortable, sweat-wicking athletic top. Bottoms can be shorts, joggers or leggings, but we recommend it have a cycling pad or liner to cushion your sit bones while you do your spin class, unless you use one of our bike gel seat covers.  We provide those in each Cycling class! Cycling shoes for spin classes are much more efficient than sneakers so we highly recommend them. These and other clothing items are discussed in more detail below.

If you are shopping for women’s cycling shorts with a padded liner look HERE.

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