Stretching Accessories We Recommend


Stretching is a super important, and often ignored, part of any fitness program. Stretching is easy to do and is a great way to start or finish your day, whether you workout or not. Our classes start with a gradual warm-up and finish with gentle stretching exercises, but if you want to become more dedicated to the practice here are some stretching accessories that can help your joints stay limber, help you recover faster from muscle soreness, and keep your body feeling youthful!

Foam Rollers

Excellent for Myofascial Release, which is the safe technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure onto connective tissues to eliminate pain and restore motion. Great for developing core stabilization, self massage and relieving joint pressure. Foam rollers relieve stress and muscle tightness simply by rolling your legs, back or neck on them.

Ball Rollers and Roller Sticks

For more targeted Myofascial Release, including trigger point therapy and working out tight muscle knots.

Stretching Straps

These are great aids to really stretch out your arms and legs and improve flexibility.

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