All of our nutritional supplements are made from high-quality vegan ingredients, so we can all feel good about not contributing to animal testing, animal cruelty and excess greenhouse gas emissions. The products here are just as beneficial whether you are an omnivore or a vegan. Over the years we have learned that fitness enthusiasts need to watch their diets closer because they have higher demands placed on their metabolic systems. It’s important to eat a balanced diet and make sure you stay well hydrated.  Certain nutrients may be difficult to get through diet alone. This is especially true for vitamin B12, vitamin D and long-chain omega-3s. If you are unable to meet USDA dietary recommendations through diet alone you should seriously consider taking supplements.

Plus, if you are trying to build muscle or increase speed or power in the gym you’re going to want to supplement with protein or branch-chain amino acids. Also, if you’re doing some strenuous workouts you might benefit from a recovery aid, especially as you get older. Here’s a selection of our favorite vegan supplements!

Vitamins – Good for everyone, whether you exercise or not, but more important if you are very active.

Pre-Workout – Good pre-workout supplements fuel you up without making you feel full and can add a bit of metabolic boost like green tea or caffeine.

Recovery – These products focus on rehydrating your body, repairing your muscles and boosting the natural healing hormones in your body.

Protein – Protein supplements are good if you’re looking to gain muscle tone or enhance muscle repair and growth after a strenuous workout.

We like to use protein powder in our morning smoothie!

More Vitamins we love – These aren’t as critical for working out, but are a benefit for better mind, skin or mood.


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